a letter from the president


Stone Vos is recognized as the premier manufacturer of fabric replacements for Recreational vehicles .  From window, door, and patio awnings to slide toppers and Omega awnings, Stone Vos has been the RV owner’s choice for high quality, durable and long lasting awning fabric replacements.

With thread failure being the #1 cause of awning and slide topper failures, we went to work to address this issue for our customers.  We utilize a lifetime thread, better known as PTFE / Solarfix, in all of our product offerings. For fabric we wanted the very best we could buy, so we turned to the European textile mills and now offer our own brand of acrylic fabric, CoachGuard™.  Manufactured using premium fibers and weaved in a special loom, CoachGuard provides the end user with a fabric that will not shrink, distort, or stretch when it’s properly maintained. We are proud to deliver to our customers the world’s premier acrylic fabric.

For those looking for vinyl fabric replacements, look no further than our own Migliore brand. We are proud to have the heaviest and toughest poured vinyl in North America. No other company offers Migliore as it is an exclusive Stone Vos fabric. It also happens to be the heaviest (19 ounces per square yard) and most rugged vinyl topper fabric in North America. From its rip-stop capabilities to its amazing grab tensile strength of 750 lbs x 655 lbs, no other topper maker can compete with Migliore. In fact, our Migliore meets military specifications and is in use by the Marine Corps. Our competitors claim they have the strongest, but we will gladly back our claims up with supporting technical documents. 

Because of the quality materials we use in addition to our double stitch perimeter, it is easy to see why we offer the best warranty in the USA. Nothing speaks louder about quality, durability , longevity and confidence in one’s product than long term full replacement warranties.

So when you’re shopping for fabric replacements for your slide toppers or awnings, we encourage you to not only consider price, but also investigate our competitors’ warranty periods. When we say we have the premier awning product in the country, we back that claim up with our Stone Vos warranty.

Longer lasting and more rugged fabric replacements crafted for the long haul is why Stone Vos is your trusted source for all awning fabric replacements.  Honesty, integrity, and a deep commitment to our customers while maintaining our high standard of truth in advertising continues to make us the Nation’s #1 source for RV awning products.

Why We Exceed Expectations

Since 2006, we have been serving our customers with unmatched technical support and high quality fabric replacement products manufactured in Brooksville, Florida.

Throughout our history, we have become known in the RV industry as the innovators. Our constant prototype work has led us to become the first slide topper manufacturer to make reversible toppers. We also were the first in the Nation to incorporate PTFE thread, weatherwrap patio awnings, extra wide side seams, custom depth sizing, real life testing in harsh environments, double perimeter stitching, and locked triple stitched center seams. These constant innovations are why RVers trust our product and why we are known as the leader in slide topper and awning fabric replacements. Our competitors make it a habit to look to us for new ways to make awning products and then try and imitate what we do.

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to not only selling the Nation’s premier awning fabric replacements, but also providing free educational programs and technical support to our customers who are DIYers. As we move into the future, you can count on Stone Vos to maintain their commitment to being the Nation’s leading supplier of high quality products, as well as having up to date educational programs. We will continue to increase our rally and show schedule so we can support the many RV Owners Associations with our educational programs and technical support. 

We would like to take this time to thank the many customers who are the heart of our business. Without all of you, we would have never experienced the amazing growth and success we have had. We remain grateful to all of you for your loyalty and support. May you be blessed with many safe and memorable miles during your travels.

With warmest regards from myself and the entire Stone Vos family,

Ingrid Throgmartin


Stone Vos, LLC