Caring for Your Vinyl Fabric

One reason we selected Migliore as our vinyl is because of its nearly maintenance free properties.

Migliore is a PVC poured vinyl embedded with UV and mildew inhibitors.


Migliore can be cleaned with any detergent you may use on the roof of your RV. Simply wash with a soft bristled brush and rinse.

For tough stains and mildew caused by dirt build up, a simple solution of bleach and water can be used.  Always make sure to rinse the surface well afterward.

We recommend to periodically treat your Migliore toppers with 303 Protectant.  This maintenance provides additional UV inhibitors to the fabric and helps to repel dirt and water.  The time table for this treatment varies with how often the RV is used.  For full timers, we recommend treating their toppers twice a year.  For all others, once a year.

303 protectant can be applied using a mop or by wrapping a clean rag around your cleaning brush and wiping it on.  303 Protectant can be purchased at most local RV parts stores or ordered directly on Amazon.