How to Measure

       When producing new fabric replacements, we need certain measurements in order to deliver to our customer an awning or slide topper that is a perfect fit.  Because your topper or awning has probably stretched or experienced shrinkage, do NOT measure your existing fabric unless we request that measurement.  In addition, we cannot use manufacturer serial numbers because of the ongoing problem of wrong information being provided during the manufacturing process. Please understand We DO NOT and cannot rely on manufacturer serial numbers for measurements. If you are physically unable to measure your awning or slide topper assemblies, please contact us for assistance. 


Measurements are critical.

Stone Vos cannot be responsible for improper measurements provided to us by owners or technicians/service centers. While we do everything we can to assist our customers with measurements, the final numbers provided to us are the responsibility of the owner.  This guide will help you with measuring and providing us with critical numbers needed for the perfect fit.  Remember to measure twice so we only have to cut once.

Slide Toppers

The easiest way to measure your toppers is to place your slides all the way in. While standing on the roof or a ladder, measure the distance across the topper cover from the inside of each end cap located on the ends of the roller tube. This is the measurement you will supply us with. Note: Do not measure from outside of the end caps. 


OMEGA Slide Toppers

These have the signature “question mark” arms and serve as a slide topper and window awning.

For Omegas, we need the dimensions of the current fabric.  Please contact us at 352-942-0224 for assistance specific to your coach.

window awnings

Measure the length of your window awning FABRIC as pictured below. Next, measure the distance of the drop by measuring from the top bead to the bottom bead on the roller tube. If you have a tall vertical window, please let us know.


patio awnings

Carefree Patio Awnings

Measuring a Carefree One Touch or Eclipse patio awning:

Measure from the connection point on the coach side of the fabric out to the first connection point on the roller tube. This measurement will be the depth of the fabric. 

Now, measure the length of your current patio awning fabric.  

A & E  or Dometic patio awnings

Please contact us at 352-942-0224 for instructions on how to measure the different Dometic and A & E patio awnings. There are several different Dometic / A & E patio awning assemblies, with each requiring different measuring techniques. 

Girard & Zip Dee assemblies

The Girard and Zip Dee slide topper, window, and patio awning assemblies are different from Carefree, Dometic, and A & E assemblies. This requires specific measuring instructions in order for us to provide fabric replacements that not only fit properly, but will also not affect the operation of your assembly. 

While measuring for these specialized assemblies is not difficult, we prefer to assist our customers in getting the exact measurements from the critical measuring points found on Girard & Zip Dee assemblies.  For these assemblies, please call us at 352-942-0224 so we can guide you through the measuring process.