the Stone Vos family of fabrics 


At the heart of our company lies our promise to always provide the highest quality materials available to our customers. This sometimes means going out into the world to select the finest fabrics on the market. 

Stone Vos enjoys a close working relationship with textile mills and fabric manufacturers and works to develop fabrics specifically for the RV market. 

You can be assured that when you order your awning fabric replacements, you are getting world class materials with exceptional quality. 






Migliore is our Stone Vos exclusive vinyl fabric offering. The name Migliore is Latin meaning ” The Best,” and we selected this brand name because our vinyl is, without a doubt, the Nation’s toughest and most rugged vinyl on the market. 


CoachGuard is a Stone Vos exclusive trademarked acrylic fabric.  This fabric is the world’s highest quality acrylic fabric available. A mainstay fabric for the mega yacht owners in the Mediterranean Sea, CoachGuard is the world’s proven leader for acrylic fabrics. 

For its increased water repellency, CBA fibers, and selections with 3-D effects, CoachGuard Elite is the right acrylic fabric for the discerning motor coach owner.

SolarPro is a Stone Vos exclusive shade cloth fabric with a 90% UV Ray blocking capability.  It is a favorite of RV’ers for drop shade cloths, custom tire covers, wiper covers, as well as custom made window awning fabric replacements.




America’s toughest & strongest vinyl

          Migliore® is a Stone Vos exclusive brand of vinyl.  It is manufactured to our exceptionally high standards and sourced from American suppliers.  Our Migliore is a poured poly vinyl ( PVC ) that weighs 19 ounces per square yard. It is the heaviest vinyl topper fabric in North America. Its qualities are numerous, including an incredible grab tensile strength of 750 lbs x 655 lbs, a cold crack rating of minus – 30 degrees and it is also specially treated to prevent Mildew and protect against UV Rays. This poured vinyl will never delaminate and peel. It is an all around perfect vinyl for cold weather and snow, as well as warm weather and high winds.

          Its specialized internal polyester weave means an accidental cut to the edge will not result in further ripping. Tests have also proven Migliore to shed water better then acrylic fabrics, which decreases “pooling” of water. It’s also an easy fabric to clean and maintain. Our toppers made with Migliore are the most rugged awnings in the industry and able to handle snow loads, wind loads, and the abuse that topper assemblies can endure during operation. And if that isn’t enough, Migliore passes stringent military standards. In fact our Migliore is in use by the Marine Corps at Guantanamo Bay. If you’re considering replacing your slide toppers, consider our low maintenance and rugged Migliore vinyl.  Migliore comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty and is sewn with our lifetime PTFE thread.

Highlights of Migliore:

Incredible grab tensile strength of 750 lbs x 655 lbs

Cold crack rating of –30 degrees

Specially treated to prevent Mildew and protect against UV Rays

This poured vinyl will never delaminate (unlike other vinyl offerings which delaminate and peel)

Perfect vinyl for cold weather, snow, warm weather and high winds

With specialized internal polyester weave, an accidental cut to the edge will not result in further ripping

Very low maintenance – it is easy to clean and maintain

Provides for the most rugged slide toppers in the industry

Easily handles snow loads, wind loads, and the abuse that topper assemblies can create during operation

Passes stringent military standards

Comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty!


The premium ACRYLIC

          CoachGuard, an exclusive Stone Vos brand, is manufactured under strict quality standards and sourced from American suppliers. It is a solution dyed acrylic that employs a special weaving process at the mill which eliminates stretching and shrinkage along the fabric’s horizontal and vertical axis.

          CoachGuard is manufactured and then finished with UV Ray and mildew inhibitors in addition to Teflon coatings, which enhances the longevity, prevents fading, and helps to keep your awnings cleaner. This fabric is considered the number one acrylic in the world as it out performs all other acrylics on the market. CoachGuard remains a favorite and is heavily used by the Mediterranean mega yacht owners. Coachguard comes with a 10-year NON-prorated warranty.

Highlights of CoachGuard:

An exclusive brand owned by Stone Vos

Manufactured under strict quality standards

Finished with UV Ray and mildew inhibitors and Teflon coatings

Enhances longevity, prevent fading, and keeps your awnings cleaner

Special weaving process which eliminates stretching and shrinkage.

Considered the #1 acrylic in the world for awning applications

Out-performs all other acrylics on the market

Comes with a 10-year NON-prorated warranty!





Like No Other…

          Stone Vos has a long history of being at the forefront of the latest break-throughs, technologies, and techniques in our industry. Over the years, we have continually been the first to develop new concepts in RV awning fabric replacements.  Our latest offering once again shows why we are the Nation’s leader in RV awning fabric replacements.  We went to work with our fabric manufacturer in Germany, and through their developments and advances in fiber technology and weaving, we now offer an enhanced acrylic awning fabric – Coachguard Elite and CoachGuard Elite 3-D.

          Our Elite fabric is like no other, and we are proud to be the only RV fabric replacement company in the world to offer this amazing acrylic. We can thank our fabric manufacturer for this latest development as we step into the world of CBA fibers and 3-D acrylic fabric replacements.  So, what makes Elite different?  It’s the fiber mixing and weave process at the mill.  What separates our CoachGuard Elite from other acrylics is the introduction of CBA fibers.

          What is a CBA fiber?  The name stands for ‘Clean Brilliant Acrylic’ and summarizes the advantages of this special yarn, which, as opposed to conventional materials, is completely smooth. It is woven into a fabric with an extremely dense, smooth surface, which virtually prevents dirt from adhering. As a result, its colors are more intense and shine longer. Moreover, CoachGuard Elite offers all advantages of the existing standard CoachGuard, such as UV and glare protection, light and weather fastness, and water and soil repellency. It also has a higher water column rating, enhancing its water repellent capabilities by 33%.

          Our Elite 3-D immerses one into the three-dimensional World of acrylic fabrics. Through the use of yarns with various surface compositions, we have not only managed to achieve an optical 3-D effect, but also a haptic one.  CoachGuard Elite 3-D Surface is a fabric that allows us to see and grasp its STRUCTURE.  The color range results from many years of work on the development of its concept coupled with color trends from most OEM color charts.


 CoachGuard Elite Highlights (in addition to CoachGuard):

Extremely dense, smooth surface

Prevents accumulation of dirt and contaminants

Colors shines longer and more intensely

One-third higher water repellency rating

More dense and solid appearance under transmitted light

Comes with a 10-year NON-prorated warranty!

           SolarPro ® is a Stone Vos brand of fabric, better known as solar screen fabric. Unlike many of the cheap shade cloths you find in the RV world, our SolarPro is the most durable and toughest on the market. SolarPro is a synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester. Designed to reduce heat transfer, SolarPro also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun by 90 %. The other qualities of SolarPro is that our fabric is also flame resistant and fade resistant. It provides excellent daytime privacy without blocking the view, and this versatile fabric will endure years of outdoor use.

          Stone Vos offers many varied products using SolarPro fabric. From custom window awnings and patio shade drops to tire covers, each product is custom made to the customer’s requirements. We also custom produce many other products from SolarPro based on our customers requests.


Highlights of SolarPro:

The most durable and toughest on the market

Made of PVC coated polyester

Designed to reduce heat transfer along with reducing the glare and harmful rays from the sun by 90%

Flame resistant, fade resistant and provides excellent daytime privacy without blocking the view

Comes with a 10-year NON-prorated warranty!