“I had ordered a set from *****. What a waste of money and time.  The next set came from Stone Vos and trust me they are the very BEST quality and workmanship you will ever find in this country.  They have the best fabric material, selection and the absolute best thread in the industry. Their stitching is superb backed by one of the best warranties in the industry too.  You won’t be disappointed!  You will have to pay a little higher than what others charge but in the long run it will save you money and time by not having to replace the fabric again and again.  Ingrid and Chris are wonderful knowledgeable people who stand behind their work and give you an awesome product that is worth every penny you paid.”

            -Richard, 2002 Monaco Windsor

“… go to Stone Vos. It has been a long time since I dealt with a company with customer service this great! Price and quality of product are very good also.”

            -John, 2005 Monaco Dynasty

“We used stonevos also. Best there is.”

            -Beck, 2006 Travel Supreme Spartan

“Stone Vos great quality!”

            -Perry, 2008 Monaco Camelot

“Just replaced all 4 of mine with Stone Vos. Very good quality!”

            -CJ, 2008 Beaver Contessa

“… several late afternoon thunderstorms have hit where I’m currently staying near San Antonio, TX.  One of those storms came up suddenly, with very high wind gusts (60-65 mph).  The [Migliore] toppers held up just fine.  At one point I stuck my head out the door just long enough to see the rain rushing off them.  After the storm, I noted that they were still tight in place, with no puddling.  Needless to say, I’m very impressed with their performance.  Thanks again for supplying me a quality product.”

            -David, 2014 Tiffin Phaeton

“I replaced our slide out covers last December. I looked at the various companies and selected Stone Vos because of their reputation and because they use a special thread designed to last in this harsh environment… The cover material I received is so much better than the original Girard material (and Girard is the best of the OEM covers). It is very heavy with very thick strong thread. These new covers do not flap in the wind like the original covers… the best in the business.”

            -Vito, 2004 Monaco Signature

“Stone Vos replaced my toppers while in Florida last spring. Very happy with their work, and would recommend them and their product’s.”

            -Tom, 2013 Holiday Rambler Ambassador

“This is the best guy in the business and he uses space age thread that will not break down and the best fabric money can buy.”

            -Bob, 2006 Monaco Diplomat

“They use the best and most UV resistant thread in the industry. Stone Vos may be a little more expensive than some but I certainly don’t mind spending a little more to get something better.”

            -Stuart, 2008 Holiday Rambler Navigator

“I recently had to remove/replace several of my toppers while doing some re-caulking around the slide-seals, and I was impressed all over again as to their quality of work. This after 4-5 years in South Florida sun, heat, wind, and humidity. Top and bottom sides are still the exact same color with no fading, and the stitching is like new.”

            -Rusty, 2008 Camelot PDQ

“StoneVos by reputation, experience, and just the nicest people in the world. Chris and Ingrid truly help us all.”

            -Rocky, 2006 Monaco Diplomat

“The new awnings look great and I couldn’t be happier. If you need new awning fabric, check these people out… you will be a happy camper.”

            -Ron, 2020 Tiffin 33AA

“We replaced all of the awning/slide out covers last year with ones the were purchased from Stone Vos and were very happy. I would use them again in a heart beat. Good people to deal with!”

            -Richard, 2009 Monaco Diplomat

“Contact Stone Vos in Florida, which is a small family owned business, and you won’t receive inferior products or poor stitching PLUS you will be treated with respect like any customer should be treated. Always the very best and courteous customer service including a highly skilled technical service person that can solve most all of your problems and concerns with awnings and toppers. They own their own RV coach so they been there and done that.”

            -David, 2002 Monaco Windsor

“Very good at what they do and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

            -Doug, 2005 Holiday Rambler

“I got two toppers from Stone Vos! Great products and service. In fact I will be ordering more from them this summer.”

            -Rick, 2003 Holiday Rambler

“Haven’t tried the other, but can’t imagine how they could be better than StoneVos or their customer service.”

            -Rusty, 2008 Camelot PDQ

“Stone Vos in Brooksville, FL, uses the best materials available… Absolutely 1st class toppers… You will not be sorry if you buy from Stone Vos.”

-Steve, 2003 Monaco Signature

“We got replacement awning topper and window awning fabric from Stone Vos several years ago and are still thrilled with both.”

            -Mark, 2011 Winnebago 40U

“…Stone Vos. Unbeatable… Ultimate quality product… unquestionably makes the highest quality toppers and awnings available anywhere.”

            -Victor, 2000 Monaco Dynasty

“Stone Vos will make sure you get the maximum width possible and their stitching is the best in the industry… Perfect fit and much better than factory original.”

            -Myron, 2008 Holiday Rambler

“Stone Vos is the go to company.”

            -William, 2007 Monaco Camelot

“I replaced 2 slide toppers I ordered from Stone Vos this past fall. I am very happy with them. High Quality and craftsmanship.”

            -Richard, 2004 Monaco Dynasty

“Can’t go wrong with Stone Vos.”

            -Paul, 2008 Monaco Camelot

“Just a brief note to thank you for the great service and product.  The product quality is better than original IMO.  The install was easier than I had been led to believe.  Between your instructions and the great stitching and correct size cords it was a snap. … the turn-around time was faster than you estimated.  You all really understand customer service.  Thanks again.  If you ever need a referral, we’re here.”

-Doug, 2004 Monaco Signature Series

I have bought replacement fabric for all our toppers from Stone Vos. I highly recommend the high-quality acrylic fabric that they provide! That will last a lot longer than any vinyl fabric out there! They were able to provide an exact color match for the original fabric that came on the MH in 2002!… Excellent product and excellent service!  Their products are top quality and the service is outstanding!”

            -Joe, 2002 Monaco Windsor

“Replaced my toppers with a complete Stone Vos set.. They were super nice to work with, the shipping was fast and the quality is far better than the original toppers! Highly recommend like many others you will see.”

            -Will, 2006 Beaver Monterey

“Received my toppers from Stone Vos last week… Quality is amazing! I went with the Migliore for the toppers & will be ordering my awnings fabric from them also. Their warranty is the best in the business, no one comes close to what they offer.  Excellent customer service and support!”

            -Lisa, 2001 American Coach Dream

“Great decision to purchase from Chris and Ingrid Throgmartin, Stone Vos. You won’t be disappointed!”

            -Tony, 2002 Monaco Windsor


Chris and Ingrid are the best. Do not think anyone else will beat their warranty on thread and workmanship.”

            -Alan, 2003 Monaco Diplomat

“I bought new slide toppers and awnings for the entire coach from Stone Vos and was very pleased.”

-Chris, 2002 Holiday Rambler

“We bought all 4 new slide toppers from Stone Vos 1 1/2 years ago and they’re a perfect fit. Still look like brand new. Needless to say, we very happy with them… Absolutely the BEST. Spend 6 months a year in AZ sun and travel the rest of the time.”

            -Steve, 2004 Monaco Signature

“Just replaced the four toppers and I’m really impressed with the quality of the stitching and Coach Guard fabric.”

            -Kevin, 2006 Monaco Camelot

“Ordered mine from Stone Vos… Highly recommend them… Great Customer Service! How many RV related vendors can you say that about?”

            -Ron, 2003 Holiday Rambler

“Stone Vos had the EXACT acrylic fabric that was installed on our Windsor in 2002! The quality and workmanship is fantastic!”

            -Annette, 2002 Monaco Windsor

“Stone Vos all the way!”

            -Lynn, 2004 Monaco Dynasty

“Stone Vos is superior to any RV toppers and awning vendors you will find available across the country…. I have read many other suppliers web sites thoroughly and have talked to them on the phone and afterwards I always came back to one supplier, Stone Vos. From my perspective you won’t find any better product that uses the best thread, materials and workmanship plus the very BEST warranty being offered in the marketplace today. Oh, did I mention that they also have the very BEST customer service which is second to none!”

            -James, 2002 Monaco Windsor